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Bellbird Marketing has been providing strategic direction and marketing advice while also running our campaigns. We have seen great growth over this time.
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The team


Bellbird comprises marketing, branding, public relations and digital specialists throughout New Zealand. Utilising critical thinking, creativity and business acumen the team provides efficient marketing solutions for small and medium sized organisations.

Annabel from Bellbird Marketing

Meet Annabel

Annabel is an enthusiastic marketer who has worked as a consultant and an employee for a number of industry leading brands. With an emphasis on driving results she has a strong strategic focus, based on market analysis and customer insights.

From successful company launches to multifaceted marketing campaigns, she has honed her skills working with businesses such as BigPond, American Express, Commonwealth Bank, St George’s Hospital and St George’s Eye Care.

“Good marketing is easy to understand, it connects to its audience, and it resonates with their values.

Bellbird builds brands by considering every customer touchpoint, and delivering marketing solutions that are durable, efficient and goal-focused.”

Meet Marcus

Marcus has been working as a digital marketer for over 20 years, working with a range of clients from medical to sporting and everything in between.

With a passion for all things ‘online’, Marcus is experienced in e-commerce, Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation and WordPress. Marcus is a skilled problem solver who has broad knowledge across multiple website platforms.

Meet Alice

Alice has worked in-house and as a consultant for national and global corporations in a wide range of sectors.

With a university qualification in journalism, Alice is passionate about putting words together and delivering them effectively. Alice has helped businesses with communications, PR and content for over 15 years.

Meet Anna

Anna is a curious creative who loves connecting with people and working on all kinds of design projects.

Anna has a flair for print, web and brand design with extensive experience creating logos and style guides, from business cards, flyers and brochures to invitations, catalogues and one-off-artwork prints.



Good marketing requires
a clear process

Bellbird provides a range of marketing solutions. Whether you’re looking for specific marketing collateral or an organisation-wide plan, we can provide you with the pathway forward.




Combining best practice with creativity we provide you with outcomes that get results.



Strategy & Implementation

We observe your business, research your competition and create a strategy that considers key macro and micro economic considerations. From here a marketing plan is designed that provides your weekly action-items.

Bellbird works with you and your team to deliver the plan, keeping track of results and refining as we learn. Implementation and management of your marketing platforms is usually carried out by the team at Bellbird.

This popular package provides you with a dedicated marketing team without the responsibility and long-term cost of an employee.


Marketing Mentorship

This package provides you with a marketing strategy and weekly plan designed specifically for your organisation. Regular meetings keep your team on track and facilitate analytical decision-making.

Marketing Mentorship provides ‘peace of mind’ by ensuring optimal use of your marketing spend. Creating a considered and proactive marketing plan reduces spend on less effective activity and ensures better results than an ad hoc approach.

A dedicated team member will need to be an active part of the implementation and have some knowledge of popular marketing platforms. Please get in touch to find out if this package is suitable for you.


Independent Project

Ensure your website, proposal, presentation or communications piece is created seamlessly and competently. Annabel will work with your team to reduce friction and ensure a timely and professional result.

Bellbird projects follow the SMART goals framework, being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The idea is that every project goal adheres to the SMART criteria to increase efficacy.

Utilising external resource will provide a new perspective and ensure your project is completed with your key stakeholders in mind. Annabel has an extensive network of specialists at hand, that can be utilised as required.



With your goals, market position, value proposition and messaging decided, one of the next steps is to decide what platforms will be used to reach your audience.

Bellbird has experience in a large range of marketing activities, including: